Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Important Running Lesson!

So I learned something big during my run the other day. Well, I learned a couple of somethings.

One, I learned that when the sun is high in the sky and there is 10+ degrees of humidity, that I probably shouldn't be running outside. Although I did melt off quite a bit of fat. Sweat is good! But ... If the birds aren't even out and the trees are whimpering, I shouldn't go out.

Two, I learned why it is so important to run more than once a week. Did I ever struggle with this run. Not because of the intense heat, not because of my asthma ... I didn't have a hard time regulating my breathing or anything. It was my legs that were giving me a hard time!! They were groaning so loud with every step I took that I was scaring away the groundhogs! It was as though I was wearing a 25lbs ankle weight on each foot. My legs were like cement. I'm lucky I'm not sore today!

So, the lesson I learned: make more time to run so that my legs don't stiffen up and turn against me. Because I do not want to fight through my runs .. It takes the fun out of it!

Ps. Thanks to Flo Rida's Wild Ones album for the kick-ass running music! I really pushed my way through this run because of his music - it motivated me to push harder!
My smile reads: I'M DONE! Thank GOD!!

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