Sunday, May 20, 2012

Us: 1 - La Rocca Cheesecake: ZEEERO!

My husband and I have recently become obsessed with the show, "Eat, Shrink and be Merry." We get lots of great healthy food ideas and learn a ton of food trivia, about what's good / bad for you and why (did you know that the holes in Swiss cheese are called eyes?! And that the bigger they are, the more flavored the cheese?!)

Anyhow, as much as we LOVE the show, it does have one major downfall (for us): it sometimes make us crave the "before" version of the meals they make over. For example, one of the most recent episodes we watched was about cheesecake. It featured La Rocca's chocolate brownie cheesecake .. And wow did it ever look incredible (yes, even after we saw what SUPER fatty ingredients went into it!!)

On our after-dinner walk this evening, we found the glory that is La Rocca's chocolate brownie cheesecake in the bakery of our local grocery store. We were literally walking up and down the aisles thinking up pros and cons to buying it. We were both 90% convinced to buy it. We wanted something cool and creamy and wonderful.

Instead, we actually managed to fight all our inner cravings and did not buy it. In fact, we came up with the most perfect dessert to get rid of our craving for something cool and creamy: pudding parfaits!

We bought fat-free chocolate pudding, 95% fat-free cool whip, portioned it out nicely into a martini glass, chilled it, sliced up some strawberries, and went to town. It was a very rich and very yummy treat. And only three points a la Weight Watchers!

La Rocca who?!

But seriously - because patting myself on the back in reality looks ridiculous - I'm so giving myself a cyber pat on the back. Totally earned it!

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