Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh, the agony!

I had a cheat night last night.

The hubs and I decided we wanted to treat ourselves to one of our old faves - panzerottis! It's like a calzone, just a small pizza folded in half and stuffed with cheese and toppings. It was pretty funny though, we hadn't ordered out in a LONG time and our old regular delivery guy showed up at our door asking us where we've been! Embarrassing reminder of our previous shameful eating habits.

Boy, the panzerotti was delicious .. On the way down .. But once it hit my stomach ..

I can't even begin to describe the horrible cramps and indigestion I had after eating my panzerotti. I was bloated, miserable, and nauseated. Super unpleasant. And to think I paid $20 to feel that way?!

My husband and I have been eating so healthy for a long while .. Perhaps we had detoxed our systems of all the garbage we were putting into them, and shocked the heck out of our digestive tracts with the greasy, cheesy torture-pizza we ate. Because I wasn't alone in my pain - my husband suffered along with me. It totally sucked.

It was a good lesson for us! When eating fresh and homemade foods, we feel great. We have lots of energy, we're satisfied without being full, and we feel all-around healthier. When we eat junk foods, we suffer through indigestion and bloating, stomach pains, and we feel run down and sluggish with zero energy.

One would think the score was:
Pizza place: 1 - Me: 0

But I like to think that I scored the point last night .. I learned one of the many advantages of healthy eating: it's painless!!

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