Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Final Soup Challenge!

This week we didn't quite make a soup .. We made a big pot of hearty, healthy chicken stew! It is one of my favorite recipes from my bible, The Looneyspoons Collection, called "I Got Stew, Babe". We alter the recipe somewhat (we always add extra cups of mushrooms, carrots and green beans!) and add a touch more flour and stock as hubby prefers a more juicy stew .. And it is so delicious! It yields a lot so we are able to just grab and go from the fridge, and it's so healthy and guilt-free! 

Roasting the veggies!

Ready to mix together ..

The finished product!

I plan to continue making big pots of soup (or stew!) throughout the winter .. It's so easy to have a big pot filled in the kitchen, so I've got a quick supper for work or a hot lunch at home. It's cheaper than buying cans of soup and it's way healthier and super convenient! 

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