Friday, August 1, 2014

My Bum is Shrinking!

Hi, Friends!

I can't believe that summer is half over and that back-to-school madness is quickly approaching .. I just completed my kids' summer wardrobes and now I have to worry about running shoes and jeans and sweaters?! I know that time flies when you're having fun, but does it have to fly turbo speed?!

With summer being halfway through, it also marks the halfway point with my PiYO challenge! So far I've really stuck to the plan - six workouts per week (with the exception of yesterday, as I was under the weather). Every day seems to present a hurdle that I must work around to get my exercise in, but I've been able to find time every day to squeeze it in. And I'm loving it. It's SO challenging .. But with every workout, I notice my body is getting stronger, lasting longer, and I'm really able to push through the workout of day. 

My body is really starting to tone down as well .. Like, where is my ass going?! My booty has always been large and in charge .. But it's slowly starting to shrink. Which is nice (even though Khloe Kardashian has really taught me to love my curves!). I can't believe what a difference PiYO has made in toning my body. I'm gaining muscles, which is so cool, and my flexibility is increasing. The hard work is paying off! 

Drenched with sweat - the end result of every.single.workout.

I went through a (bad!!) period where I weighed myself every day, which I always swore I would never do .. But I did. And it was not good. I'd get frustrated when my weight fluctuated upwards instead of heading dowwwwwnwards. I'd be doing everything right - eating within my calories, tracking every bite, drinking all the water, working out .. And the scale would be going up. I'd be angry, depressed, and frustrated. Then I saw this, posted on FB by a very inspiring Beachbody coach:

He is SO right. And it totally snapped me back to a normal thought process. I'm not going to weigh myself daily and stress over every little ounce gained. I'm not going to worry about not getting instant results. I'm going to trust the process - if I work hard, I'll get my results. Because in the big picture, my heart IS getting healthy and ultimately, that is the most important thing! 

Now I'm weighing myself once a week, every Wednesday morning. And I now understand that with my workouts, I may be burning fat but also gaining muscle mass, so I may not lose a crazy amount of pounds every week, but I'm losing the fat and that's awesome! 

Sorry for rambling on so much .. Maybe I should be posting more often? ;) 

Have a wonderful long weekend! 

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