Friday, May 10, 2013

Lego Lately

Hey guys!

So Daddy Lego and I have been solid on our commitment to healthy living. We've been preparing healthy meals and snacks, exercising regularly (and with the kids!), drinking plenty of water, and tracking what we eat. So far, he's down about 12 pounds and I'm down 11! (Which means I've chomped down on my winter weight gain of 32 lbs .. Now it's only 21!) :)
The Lego Kids holding hands on a family walk :)

Our local Farm Boy just recently put in an incredible salad bar. Here's a Greek salad I made!

Jumping back into the healthy living zone was quite natural for us - it felt like we never went off track to start with. If ever we're craving something "bad", we do what we did all along - make a healthy version and enjoy! 

Breakfast is served! An egg, baby spinach, tomatoes, light swiss and green onions, wrapped in a whole grain tortilla, served with fresh fruits. Total points: eight!
Homemade pepperoni mini pizza and a baby spinach salad - total lunch points:  six!

I'm feeling fantastic. I have so much more energy and am feeling much more confident. It is really great to feel in control of my diet again, instead of letting the food control me! And if I can do it, anyone can!

We've also been training for our 5K run for Race Weekend, coming up in two weeks! I'm not as fit as I was this past Fall when I ran the Army Run so I'm not pressuring myself to run the whole race as fast as I can with no breaking and get a PR. I did originally want to get a PR but being sidetracked with horrible chest congestion due to severe hayfever  (trigger: asthma) means taking it easy and waiting for my lungs to clear up before trying to run (or wind up in the hospital on an oxygen tank!). That being said, if I'm only able to run for 10 minutes and have to walk the rest of the race, I'm okay with that. I'll give it my all and finish with a smile, knowing I did my best :) 
Me and the kids made it on Run With Jess' Mother Runner collage!

But come September when we participate in the Army Run again ... I'm going for a PR baby!!! 
Posing for a picture after a good run in the sun!
Allergies aside, this May weather has been just gorgeous! I've been walking to work and back again, which I just love .. 45 minutes to myself, enjoying the scenery and my favorite music. It's meant getting up earlier for my Saturday and Sunday shifts, but it's worth it. I start my work day in such a better mood. 

How is your month going? Anyone struggling to get back on the wagon? Or are you powering through too?! 

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Mommies! 

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss that's amazing! Your breakfast wrap looks so yummy!!! Wow when you wrote that the race is into two weeks I couldn't believe it! April and may Just flew by!