Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming Clean!

This post is tough to write.

As you now know, I recently stepped back from blogging and social networking to take some time to focus on those near and dear to me. Upon my little blog-cation, I did a lot of thinking, LOTS. Tons of reflection, about myself, my path in life, my diet lifestyle, the weight I still have to lose, my mommying skills, the events (and blog posts!) of these past few months ..

I came to the conclusion that I'd come off a high from my many wonderful ambassadorships, and was now just coasting. Struggling to keep current with everyone else's workouts and activity and trying to be a "good" ambassador .. And I wasn't doing it to make myself happy. I enjoyed my activities, sure .. But I didn't love forcing myself to do them in order to keep up with what was popular.

And that got me to thinking about my blog. This blog began as Mama Lego's Happy Place. It was where I would go to talk about my family, my weight loss ups and downs, my weight watchers meetings, different healthy recipes Daddy Lego and I put together .. And then I chose to switch the blog up to focus on the healthy and active parts of my life. It was great because I was motivating myself to keep up and getting lots of positive feedback .. Yet I wasn't 100% happy because I felt like I wasn't 100% open about my struggles. I was being Ambassador Laura - but I wasn't being ME.

Yup, I did an hour of yoga .. And then kicked back with a slice of pizza.

Walked to work every day! .. And picked up Tim Hortons on my way in. Or a subway cookie. Or two.

Promised myself I'd go for a run that night .. But ended up cuddling up with a good book instead.

I wasn't "bad" all the time. I was great the majority of the time, and I promise, I never lied about any workouts, activites or foods. But I also wasn't honest about the realistic parts of them - because I was trying so hard to keep up with this perfect ambassador image that wasn't totally me.

I was showcasing the highlights of the active and healthy lifestyle, but I was hiding the REAL parts of my journey.

And so .. I give you ..

The truth.

I adore running. I crave it. Do I want to run every day? Absolutely. But I would also miss a run to lounge on the couch and play Xbox with the hubs.
Gamer love!
My walks to work are incredible. With my busy schedule, it's the only time in my day where I could just blast my music and shut out the world. But .. I also love being able to leave home a little later and grab a bus to work, just so I could get 15 more minutes in with Team Lego.
Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family :)
Give me a spinach salad with a fresh cooked chicken breast, chopped avocado, sliced hard boiled egg, chopped walnuts, and more veggies than you could name in ten seconds, and I'll be a happy camper. Tell me I have to make it and have it cut into my nap time? Give me a bowl o' KD and I'm just as happy as said camper. But with s'mores :)
(sidenote: yes, I still nap. I need to nap daily since I work the midnight shift every night and am up at the crack of dawn with the kiddies!).

After one of those days where the Lego Kids juuuust won't cooperate, I missed my nap, Daddy Lego is running late and I have an overtime shift ahead of me during busy season? Screw making a beautiful light turkey taco dinner with homemade guac, chopped tomatoes and black beans. Get me my local Pizza Pizza.

And yeah. I love me some water. Throw some lemon into it and I'm happier than a pig in poop. Give me some coffee or diet coke? I'm your slave for a day.
Be still, my heart.
There. I said it. I have a caffeine addiction! I know it's not good for me but I'll admit, there are some days that I just don't care to fight it. Give me a coffee and talk it out with me ;)

Y'know, writing this all out really helped me feel better. I wanted to be able to blog as ME again. Little ol' (round!) Mama Lego who is learning how to drop weight and keep it off, exercise properly and have fun doing it, balance out mommying-working-housewifing-blogging-careerdeciding (it's a word cuz I made it up!) and being honest, real and happy while doing it.

I am so happy and proud to be an ambassador. But an ambassador is not all I am. I've got many (many!) layers (and not just chub, ha!).

And I'm excited to be getting back to me.

I'm thinking about going back to Mama Lego's Happy Place ... Thoughts? :)


  1. Great blog! I am glad it has made you feel better and yes! I always loved reading about your adventures on top of healthy lifestyle. Do what will make you happy and want to keep writing :)

  2. You need to do what works for YOU, and if going back to Mama Lego's Happy Place is it, then do it! I love reading about your family posts as much (if not more!) than the health aspects, too!

  3. I don't have your way with words (obviously as I've spent 30 minutes writting then erasing) so I'll keep it simple. Lego Land rocks because it's (YOU are) funny, real and inspiring. We love the real you Mama Lego. Welcome back.

  4. It is refreshing to hear your honesty. I can relate to you in some ways. I love blogging and reading all my favourite blogs yours included! But sometimes I find it challenging to keep up to date. Especially with work, workouts, family, social life and household responsibility etc and I don't even have kids so I can only imagine. Do what is right for you. And in the end the thing to remember the blog world is community to help support us and encourage us to get to our goals.