Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spare Ten Minutes!

At last week's WW meeting, we talked about how we can fit exercise into our busy schedules. I had to smile when I saw the meeting's topic because WOW, as a busy working mom and housewife, do I ever know about squeezing time into each day for exercise!

When the majority of us are asked, "Why don't you exercise more often?", our answer would be "I'm too busy! There's just not enough time in a day!". I'll admit, I've used that line a time or two (or twenty) in my life. Or this week.
so. very. true.
Many of us see exercising as getting together our sweats after a day of work, going to a gym, and working out for an hour, then showering and heading back home to prepare dinner for our families. If you can do that daily or even a couple of times a week - kudos to you!! Awesome!

But the vast majority of us just can't find that time. Between getting the kids ready for daycare or school, working a full day, meal planning and household duties, it can be extremely tough to get an hour away for exercise. And truth be told, once we can spare an hour, we truly want time for ourselves (a hot bath, relaxing with a good book, enjoying the golden silence of children sleeping ..).

We really should make the commitment to ourselves to get an hour of solid exercise in at *least* a couple of times a week. Be it an hour at a gym, going for a run, or rolling out a mat at home and moving to a cardio DVD - as long as it gets your heart going, do it!

However, on those days where getting an hour to work out just isn't in the cards, you CAN still get some exercise in. All it takes is ten minutes. And the location? Anywhere.

Waiting to pick up your child from school

Don't just sit in your car, checking Facebook updates on your phone (you know we all do it!). Jog laps in front of the school, or walk a lap around the track. Picking up litter too, is a great way to get moving and help to clean the environment!

In the waiting room at the doctor's office

Instead of sitting on a chair and reading last month's People magazine, do some wall-sits! Even standing to wait for your appointment is a better alternative to sitting. For someone of my weight, standing for ten minutes will burn about 21 calories - better than the zero I'd have burned by sitting on my arse!
Daughter Lego and I doing wall-sits .. Boy Lego is goofing around :)
Pumping gas:

Jog on the spot, or do squats. Instead of paying at the pump, walk inside to pay (and avoid those yummy tempting chocolate bars sold at the cash!).

Making dinner

Get some music going and dance it up! Make it a party and get your kids dancing too! Wear ankle weights to really get those leg muscles working.

Running errands

Walk instead of taking the car! You'll burn a lot more calories and use a lot less gas. Carrying home a 4L bag of milk is a great workout!
Walking to work instead of driving / taking the bus!
At work: 

We've all heard of taking the stairs vs taking the elevator .. For some different ideas, bring a jump rope to work and skip for ten minutes on your break. Do jumping jacks at your desk. Take a walk on your lunch hour. Instead of emailing a colleague a question, get up to go see them at their desk.
Remember how much fun it was to jump rope as a kid? It's still fun - and an amazing workout! :)
I have a 5lbs weight that I use at my desk at work. Every lift counts.
The bottom line here is to NOT let life get so busy that you can't take even ten minutes a day to exercise. Our bodies and our hearts need those ten minutes every day to keep performing at their best!

Weight loss begins with correcting our eating behaviors and making healthy food choices - weight loss continues with exercise, and a healthy lifestyle is maintained by those healthy food choices and regular exercise. They go hand-in-hand.

And so, I challenge you: will you make the promise to yourself to get at least ten minutes of exercise in every day? Let me know how you do it! I'd love to share your ideas!

I will be making the promise to myself. I know that an hour every single day isn't always doable with my work/home/mommy schedule, but ten minutes is an easy enough number to get in. And my kids adore exercising with me - so I'm going to make it a family activity! :)

Can't wait to hear how your ten minutes go! :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Great tips! It's so true that you can always find little ways to work some movement into your day.