Thursday, August 9, 2012

Running = Not Easy!

My runs are just getting harder.

Maybe it's the humidity. Or the ache in my knee. Or my not-getting-any-better asthma. Or the fact that half my run is up a mild incline, but an incline all the same. Or maybe it's because I'm pushing a sixty-pound non-jogging double stroller. Or maybe it's because my running shoes are in horrible condition and I FEEL every step my feet take.

Either way .. I'm pushing through. I'm determined to do this. What doesn't kill ya will make ya more strong! (thanks, Metallica. I need you in my running music play list!)

I can see the changes that running is making on my body - my legs and bum are more toned, and my arms and tummy and really slimming down. I'm in better shape now than I have been in about 12 years!! I feel fantastic! And I can credit this to running.

Struggle as I may, bitch as I might, I actually enjoy my runs. I love the clear-headed calmness that my mind becomes while running. I love how it's just me vs myself. I love to feel the burn, and I love to push myself to go harder and further. Yes, it can be really challenging ... But what is life without a challenge to overcome? There is little in life that is more satisfying than achieving a personal fitness goal and kicking the pants off a personal challenge!

I'm a proud runner. I may not be a perfect runner .. But dammit, I'm having fun!!

But yeah ... I really need new shoes. And a jogger stroller. And a little less humidity ;)

Today's run made me sweat in places I didn't know existed. You're welcome for the tmi.


  1. Good for you! Keep it up! I love your comment about it's "Me vs Myself"... I have to keep that in mind on my next run. We definitely need to go together sometime, just for fun!
    And... I totally LOLed at your TMI ;)

  2. You are looking great and keep up the great work :)