Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Realizations: Week Two of my 100-Mile Challenge

My sidewalk hath spoken.
You know, I just don't give myself enough credit. I think many mommies and daddies can attest to this.

Being any form of parent is a tough job. Yes, we have the diaper changes, and the lack of sleep, and the terrible two's ...

But ... Did you know how much exercise one gets when raising kids?! Tons!! We chase after them when they run around with their underwear on their heads, we carry them to the shower when they wake up after wetting the bed, we walk while rocking them to sleep in our arms, we dance and pop up and down when playing Ring Around The Rosey ..

The first week and a half of my 100-Miles on Foot Challenge, I only wore my pedometer when I was outdoors, walking with my kids to the park, playing games, training for my 5K run, walking to work, to the store, etc ..

Then I started to wear my pedometer indoors, too. It was on me when I was putting away laundry, washing dishes, putting the kids down for naps, mopping the floors, tidying up toys, making meals .. And it was exciting (and shocking!) to see all the steps racking up on the pedometer!

Every step truly does count .. Especially when you've challenged yourself to walk or run 100 miles in 30 days!

Three cheers for active parents!

My total for this week: 29.18 miles!!

This brings my grand total to 52.76 miles so far this month. Two weeks down, two weeks to go, and I'm on track to hitting my 100-mile goal! Yay :)

Has anyone else challenged themselves for this month? How is it coming along?
Have a great day, everyone!

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