Saturday, July 14, 2012

Keep on Running ..

So it's been hot. Like REALLY hot, and humid .. The type of weather that doesn't play nicely with my fussy asthma.

But I've kept right on running.

One of my biggest worries about my decision to run a 5K was my knees .. I used to play (and LOVED) volleyball in high school and actually did some pretty good damage to both my knees, but especially the right one. On both my runs this week, my knee pain began to flare up again. Big time.

But I kept right on running.

This week has been CrAzY busy, in preparation for my Lego Children's birthday parties. Every day there were errands to run, food to prepare, and all sorts of small but necessary tasks to take care of. It would have been so easy to say, "Too busy to go!".

But I kept right on running.

Today was the joint birthday party for my babies. I can't believe Brother Lego is THREE and Sister Lego is ONE! They're growing so fast!! The day was crazy and non-stop and so much fun .. I was totally pooped and the couch was just calling my name ..

But I went for a run. It was the hardest one yet - the weather was HOT and so humid, my knee was screaming at me with every step I took, and I was running on a full stomach (never do that. SO stupid!!) and got a cramp. But I DID it! (And it made it so easy to turn down the leftover birthday cupcakes in the fridge!)

I made the commitment to myself that I was going to finish my 5K training program and that I was going to (do my best to) jog the entire Army Run come September. Those are my goals and I am determined to achieve them! I have zero desire to let myself down. (Plus, I must admit, I can see the difference that the running is making on my body - I'm getting toned in places I never thought possible to tone! Woot!)

And so ... I'll keep on running!
Hands-down, my hardest run yet (stupid humidity!). This was me about three minutes before a long, COLD shower!!


  1. Aren't cold showers wonderful?? Keep it up! You're doing amazing!

  2. That's amazing Laura I am glad you are determined its amazing!!!

    I do have a suggestion I would get your knee checked out to be on the safe side unless of course you know exactly what it is..

    I hope you have a great weekend. It's so hot! lol

    1. I got my knees checked out a few years back .. Yay bursitis! :(
      It is CrAzY hot, isn't it?! I'm trying not to complain though .. It's helping this pudge melt away lol

    2. Thank sucks about your knee but you are doing great, I notice when I started to lose weight my knees didn't hurt as much. yeah no kidding bring on the heat for weight loss!