Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dark Chocolate in all its Glory!

Yup, we've all heard the good news. Chocolate can be good for you!!

I'd say that's pretty celebration-worthy, yes!?

But did you know why chocolate is good? Besides in flavor, that is?

 The hero of the day is DARK chocolate, made with at least 60% cocoa. It is rich in flavenoids, the natural antioxidants that give red wine it's heart-healthyness. Researchers say that an ounce of 60% dark chocolate a day can help reduce blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and even increase the blood flow to the brain. Dark chocolate is also full of anandamide and phenylethylamine, which are compounds that trigger the same feel-great endorphins that are brought on by sex and physical exertion! 

So it is true what some women say .. Chocolate can be as good as sex! 

Remember though. Just because dark chocolate has health benefits, does not mean it is okay to go hog wild on it. Up to two ounces a day is all that's needed to get all the goodness out of it, and to help cure that chocolate craving - and two ounces is not enough to make a difference on your waist line!

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