Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Really Great Moment For Me!

Hot, sweaty, exhausted .. but proud!
Week one of my 5K training is done!
One week down, seven to go ..

This run was a tough one for me .. Maybe because it was so hot and muggy outside, and maybe because I'd already gone for a 25-minute walk uphill before beginning my run. Not the smartest of decisions.

The coolest part of this run was having Brother Lego run along with me! Every time I felt like I wasn't going to make it to the end, I'd look at him running excitedly along with me and it gave me that extra boost of encouragement. What a great memory! I'll always remember that look on his happy face whenever I struggle with my future runs and I just know it'll help carry me to the end.

Also seeing his excitement with the run? Awesome. It helped me remember why I'm making my lifestyle change. I'm a role model for my kids. If they see their Mama Lego exercising regularly and making healthy food choices, they will take that with them while they grow up. And if I make sure that they also exercise and eat well, it will become a habit for them too! (well, I can hope, anyway!)

The run was the hardest one for me to do ... But also the best one! Thanks Brother Lego! :)

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