Friday, June 22, 2012

Omelettes? Yes please!

I really love omelettes. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can make anything with them! Stuff them full of assorted meats to win the protein lottery in a Meat Lovers Omelette. Toss them with peppers, onions and sausage for a Western feel. Fold a plain omelette over Swiss cheese and lightly sautéed asparagus for a gourmet brekky. You can even get really creative and add cinnamon and sugar to your egg mix and fill your omelette with fresh fruit! You can also make your omelette into a crepe sandwich! (check out Chef Daddy Lego's Crepe-Tastic Omelette Sammich)

Ham and Cheese with Green Onions

Anything and the kitchen sink can be folded into an omelette. Well, except for squid. I don't like squid. Yucky squid.

For our omelettes, we use one whole egg and one egg white, but some people would prefer to use only egg whites and others would prefer to use whole eggs. Some people even fluff their egg mixture with a small splash of milk. Flexibility is not a problem for the omelette, it can be made any way!

Spices? Go nuts. I'm partial to pepper, and only pepper. The eggs and the fillings give me all the flavor I need!

Mama's Favorite Omelette
Chef Daddy Lego makes an omelette he calls "Mama's favorite." It's made with one egg and one egg white. Pour the eggs onto a lightly greased pan, and top with sliced lean ham, chopped spinach, green onions, mushrooms and my beloved serving of light tex mex cheddar cheese. Cook it on the stovetop just long enough for the egg to set and then put it into the oven for about 8-10 minutes at 350. When it's done baking, fold it over and serve! Six delicious and filling points!

What are your favorite ways to have an omelette?

Veggie Omelette served with fresh fruit and butterless toast 

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