Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is a picture of my 10% keyring and my 25lb charm to put on the ring!
I have officially lost 10% of my starting weight!! I'm happy-dancing my ass off!!

I can't help but to reflect on how far I've come ..

So my very first weigh-in with Weight Watchers wasn't fantastic. I don't think anyone ever falls in love with the number they see on the scale.

Anyhow, after I picked my jaw up off the floor and wiped the frickin tears from my eyes, I had the pleasure of figuring out my first real goal: losing ten percent of my body weight. And that number looked HUUUUGE. I almost laughed to myself, "I'm NEVER going to lose that much weight!". I mean really, my son doesn't even weigh as much as I needed to lose!

The first few weeks were a bit of a joke. I'd lose one week, gain the next, lose after, gain again. I really wasn't taking the program seriously. I wanted so much to lose the weight but UGH .. Did I actually have to work to do it?! Couldn't I just snap my fingers and have the weight just vanish?! Couldn't I just have one magical poop and be tons lighter?!

I was very close to giving up on myself and the program. But three very life-changing things took place that made me get on track and never look back!

1. My best friend. She is my WW buddy and she NEVER gave up on me .. More importantly, she never let me give up on myself. She kicked my ass. I needed it. I'm grateful for it!

2. The phrase, "think of where you would be if you had never come to WW" ... Holy crap, did that ever hit home. Whenever I became tempted to stray off diet, I thought of that phrase and remembered the miserable blob that was me at my largest weight. Never. Again.

3. Eat, Shrink and be Merry!! This show (and their recipe book collection) is SO inspiring for me!! The sisters have such a positive spirit about eating healthy and they make it FUN! I kid you not! Check it out! They also show how to "healthy up" your favorite meals so you can make them and eat them without any guilt. Now it's a hobby for my husband and I .. How can we make our pasta casserole points-friendly?!

With these three things helping me along, I was able to get the triple whammy in awards this week at my WW meeting. I got my 25lb loss reward, my 10% weight loss goal reward, and my 30lb weight loss reward!! I am SO happy and beyond proud of myself!!

Here are the top five reasons why losing ten percent of your body weight is so iNcReDiBLe for your body and health:

5. Better blood pressure.

4. Less pain associated with arthritis, lower back pain and joint pain.

3. Decreased risk of developing diabetes.

2. Breathing becomes easier (I can 100% agree that this is true!!)

1. More energy .. Which, in turn, can lead to a better sex life. Yup ;)

There are way more reasons, too .. Read more here: 

And here: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=528

I'm thrilled to have reached this milestone .. It's the first of many I'll have along the way and I'm inspired to keep kicking ass! :)


  1. Again, so proud of you!! And I'm responsible for 2 of the 3, awwww shucks! :P <3

  2. Love the sex comment. :) Alana