Monday, June 18, 2012

Great Summer Supper!

I love making pulled pork, but only when I can find a decent price on the pork roast and when I actually feel like pulling the pork (what a pain!). I often end up having too much left over and find it hard to control myself around it .. The pork is so moist and the sauce is juicy and so delicious, how could I not go for seconds?!

So for those lazy days, I keep M&M Meatshops pulled pork in the freezer. It's so effortless and perfectly portioned that I don't have the option to over-indulge. It's on the fence for points-friendliness (6 WW+ points per serving) so make sure to have lots of veggies on hand to eat on the side! We make ours with tons of sautéed mushrooms and pile it into a 3-point whole wheat bun.

For this meal, we made Waldorf Pasta Salad (from our bible, The Looneyspoons Collection) which is made with whole wheat rotini pasta, apples, celery, onions and chopped walnuts in a sweet honey mustard / vanilla yogurt dressing. It is absolutely fabulous and five WW+ points per serving. It perfectly complimented our pulled pork sandwich! (and for anyone interested - The Looneyspoons Collection is INCREDIBLE!! I highly recommend it!)

Serve it up on a whole wheat bun and with a cool tray of fresh veggies buffet-style and away you go - a delicious (and very filling) summery meal for 14 WW+ points! 

ps. my apologies for the blurry picture!

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