Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Me + Yoga = Potential Disaster

I am extremely inflexible. I always have been. It's also something I've always wanted to change, but never really did anything about it. Much like weight loss - it was something I always wanted, but never did anything to achieve it. I'd bitch and moan because I was so big and miserably uncomfortable and my clothes didn't fit ... while eating a pizza. 

Well, I FINALLY did something about my weight loss. I got off my butt and I applied myself to getting healthy and fit again. I learned how to control my portions, eat properly, and how not to let food control me. I have motivation, determination, and a passion to keep learning about nutrition and making better foodie decisions! I'm feeling better than I have in YEARS!

Except for that whole flexibility thing. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I know a few trees who have better moves than I do!

So again .. I'm finally (about to) do something about it! I'm going to my first yoga class tonight. I'm sure I'll get stuck in some position or another and will have to be carried out in a wheelbarrow .. But it's the first step I'm taking in the right direction. No more complaining about my flexibility .. I'm on my way to fixing that!

It will be hard. I know that. I expect it. I'll probably feel like giving up ten minutes into the session. But I'm not going to let the "old" me interrupt my determination to get fit. I will push myself until I'm crying but I will not give up! And tomorrow when I'm sore as hell and wanting to never go back .. I WILL go back. Just because something is hard doesn't mean I won't do it again. If my babies can learn to walk after falling on their bums over and over and over again .. I can do yoga. And hopefully before I know it, I'll be Upward-Facing-Dog-posing 'till the cows come home!! 

Until then .. I've stocked up on epsom salts, Rub A5-35 and Robaxacet. This is going to be fun!! (And painful. Can't forget the pain.)


  1. Don't forget the Ibuprofen. It is my best friend. Laura you can do it. Yes, you will ache a little at the start but remember those aches are reminding you that you are on a journey and most journeys are'nt easy. Every week you will find yourself more and more flexible. You will amaze yourself. You are right "never give up". You are not a quitter. A wonderful example for your kids too. Keep us posted as to how it goes. I love stretching. It's like lubricating your joints.

    1. Thanks Mon! I'm pretty sure if my muscles could speak, they'd be asking me, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?!" ... but i'm also sure they'd be thanking me :) it hurts in a GREAT way!!

  2. COngrats, Laura! I fell in love with yoga when I was pregnant with Molly. Stick with it. More than the yoga itself, you should feel so proud of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Keeps us young and alive!
    p.s. make sure you've selected the right kind of yoga for your goals...and if you don't jive with the instructor, don't be afraid to try a different class. For me, the teacher makes a big difference.

    1. Before even starting the yoga, I had NO clue there were so many different kinds! My body hurts now, in a GREAT way!