Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fresh Start!

Many of you know, I used to have a blog before (Diary of a Cheese Addict)

That blog didn't crash and burn ... I did.

As much as I enjoyed writing that blog, I found it too hard. I was constantly focusing on food and my diet, which put too much pressure on myself to succeed at my weight loss - and that sucked because as we all know, losing weight is hard enough without any additional pressure. Plus, if ever I had a bad day or week, I'd feel guilty and avoid blogging about it .. Which helped me fall off the wagon. I was dieting by myself and having a hard time sticking with it.

Well, I'm back on the wagon. I joined Weight Watchers again and am finally back on my feet. It took a while .. when I first joined, I wasn't 100% ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle so my weight-loss yo-yo'd for a while. I'd lose one week, gain the next, miss a week, go back to find even more of a gain .. 

I finally got kicked in the ass. A really wonderful friend reminded me of where I would be if I had never joined Weight Watchers. And that hit home. I remembered how miserable I was at my largest weight. I had a hard time breathing while doing the lightest of housework, or while out for a walk. I had very little energy and had to really push myself to do things I love - like playing with my babies :( I was self-concious and didn't want to go out and be seen at my size. Depressing, huh?

 I use those memories as motivation. I don't want to get stuck in that hole again. I NEVER want to feel like that again!

I'm now 22lbs down and feeling really great. Already, I'm not struggling to breathe while walking. My pants are starting to fall off of me and that is AWESOME!! Today, I fit into a shirt that I haven't been able to wear since before I became pregnant with my daughter! I have SO much more energy! 

I have numerous sources of motivation, many of which you'll get to read about in my new blog. I'll be more than happy to share any tips and secrets I learn along the way. But that isn't all I'll be writing about. I need less pressure while on my weight-loss journey, remember?! 

I'll be blogging about anything I'm inspired to write about! My kids, my role as a mother and housewife, recipes I recently tried and loved, websites I need to tell the world about - all things I'll be blogging. 

So .. Cheers to a fresh start! :)

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